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“A single player game is a movie that you create in cooperation with the player, where the lead actor doesn't have a copy of the script.”

Gabe Newell

Skyrim Mod


GTA 5 Maps

Kraven Manor in UE4


Skyrim Mod - "The Fable of Ursus"

The Fable of Ursus - on Steam
Quest Based in Elder Scrolls Lore
Level Flows Naturally
Reinforcement of Story
Water Cooler Moment
Rewards for Exploration
NPC Scripted Intelligence
Attention to Detail Creates Immersion



                The Fable of Ursus is a single-player experience in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.  In this quest, the player learns to fear an ancient daedric cult known as Hircine's Hunters. The Silver Hand recently located the leader of Hircine's Hunters, Ursus, and tracked him to a densely wooded area known as the Brine. The player meets Therbius Gladdwell, the captain of the Silver Hand. Since the Silver Hand is Oblivion-bent on eliminating any and all monsters that haunt the night, they have declared war against Ursus and the Hunters. If the player chooses, he or she can help the Silver Hand track and kill Ursus and put a permanent end to Hircine's Hunters. 


                The quest consists of an outdoor level and two indoor levels, all of which were custom-created. After teleporting to the quest area called the Brine, the player ventures into a cave system to find and assassinate Ursus. The cave possesses two routes. One passage contains traps and treasure and is meant for players that like to explore. The second passage contains multiple encounters. This passage lends itself to an action-focused and therefore faster play style. At the end of the cave, the player enters Hircine’s Observatory and fights a boss werebear. The player then travels back into the Brine and encounters a large battle in progress. The player must help defeat Ursus and the remaining Hircine’s Hunters.


Creation & Testing ~ 200+ hours

Download for Skyrim: Special Edition on


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Title Screen
Can you get all the Cheat Sheets?
Not as easy as it looks
The many trap doors of death
ShadowMaster on Steam Greenlight
  • 2 Months (March - May 2012)

  • 4 Developers

  • 2D Spatial Puzzle Adventure

  • 2 hours of gameplay

ShadowMaster is a 2D top-down spatial puzzle game with a twist. The player controls a necromancer, named Gary, and Gary's shadow simultaneously. The player has the ability to project his shadow away and call his shadow back to him. This mechanic becomes the basis of solving several increasingly difficult spatial puzzles.


I designed around a third of the levels as well as the game's mechanics. ShadowMaster is available to download upon request.


Total project time ~ 1000 hours for the team

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GTA 5 Maps

Fight for the Freeway
Sky Scrappers
Park This
Dam Heist
Battle of the Bank
All Jobs

In April, 2014, I created seven GTA 5 missions using their in-game editor. Out of those, one was a classic deathmatch, two were races, and four were Capture missions. Capture missions are GTA's flavor of Capture the Flag.


All of the missions were published to Rockstar Social Club and are playable right now everywhere you can play GTA 5.


Total project time ~ 35 hours (5 hours per map)

Kraven Manor in UE4

Kraven Manor in UE4

              One is a screen capture from UE3. If you compare to the image in UE4, you will see I tried to faithfully recreate the scene with the same props and materials.


              For this exercise, I had to reimport all props and textures from the base game. Then, I had to painstakingly create the scene, and create new materials out of the textures.


Total Work Time ~ 50 hours


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